What’s the Difference Between a Party Bus, Limo Bus, and Charter Bus?

What’s the Difference Between a Party Bus, Limo Bus, and Charter Bus?

Many people who plan for transportation for a wedding or a party have had the thought of hiring a charter bus, limo bus, or a party bus but had no idea which was the right choice. While there are many types of different vehicles to choose from, they all have different advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the main differences you will see are the size of the vehicle, the type of seating the vehicle has, the number of people it can hold, and the amenities that are available. Before you rent a party bus, limousine bus, or charter bus, it is important to understand the differences between them, and what type of bus has what amenities.  Here is a visual of the differences between them.

What is a Party Bus?

Unlike limo buses or charter buses, party buses are often used by young adults on weekends or nights out. They are usually not as big as limo buses or charter buses, so they are ideal for smaller crowds. Party buses are just as they are named, buses in which you can party on.  Ideal for a bachelor party, birthday party or any occasion that involves lots of drinking and dancing.  They can be used to get from club to club or you can party on the bus itself.  They have loads of amenities from gaming systems to stripper poles, the sky really is the limit.

What is a Limo Bus?

A limo bus is a bit more similar to a charter bus than a party bus. Most people use this type of vehicle when they need to transport large groups, such as wedding guests or bridesmaids.  They are also used for corporate events or even special occasions like graduations.  The size of the vehicle is a bit bigger than a party bus, so you can fit more people inside.  The seating options include bench seats, individual seating, or leather seating.

What is a Charter Bus?

Charter buses are usually the most popular and most expensive type of transportation you can rent for a special occasion, wedding, or event.  They are generally booked months in advance and are reserved exclusively for your group.  The bus is usually equipped with many amenities to make your event run smoothly.  The seating options vary depending on the size of the bus. You may get the option to choose individual seats, bench seating, or even leather seating.

Each option serves a different purpose, choose the right transportation based on your needs.

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