5 Epic Ideas For Your Party Bus

5 Epic Ideas For Your Party Bus

Party bus rentals offer a great alternative to a traditional taxi cab when you need to travel with a bunch of people. No one has to drive home, and everybody has a chance to kick back, have some drinks, and party the night away, even from one place to the next. Once you’ve picked out your dream vehicle, it’s time to think about what fun things you can do aboard the party bus NYC. That’s where we come in. We’re giving you 5 epic party bus ideas. So, let’s get started!

1. Karaoke on Wheels

Most party buses come equipped with karaoke machines so you can sing your heart out while you’re traveling to your destination. There’s no better way to bring everyone together than to enjoy some quality karaoke entertainment. So, whether you want to make a group sing-a-long or just have some fun, pick up your phone and give us a call.

2.  Costume Party

Why wait til Halloween to dress up when you can do it while you’re cruising around town? Get everyone to dress up for a costume party on the bus. You can also have a prize for the most creative costumes. And while you’re at it, make sure everyone has a chance to get their pictures taken, so you can make the perfect picture album!

3. Wine Tasting

We’re talking about party buses here, not tour buses, so it stands to reason that you can bring your favorite bottle of wine with you. Now, this is definitely something we’d recommend if you’re planning to have an official tasting with all of your friends and family.

4. Murder Mystery Tour

A murder mystery tour is an excellent way to have a few hours of fun on your next vacation with friends and family. It’s like a real-life version of Clue, except instead of trying to solve a mystery, you’re trying to solve the case of the disappearing limo driver!

5. Dance Party

This may not be as easy as it sounds, but there are plenty of dance options available on board your party bus.  You never know who might be interested in some of the latest dance craze. Get everyone to get out of their seats, grab their favorite dance music, and hit the floor. It’ll be so much fun, you won’t even realize how tired you are. Just make sure to take it easy at the end of the night.

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Pros and Cons of Renting a Party Bus

Pros and Cons of Renting a Party Bus

If you have a special occasion coming up, then you really should consider renting a party bus. You can enjoy the luxury of being driven around the city, or just around the block. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you book.


There are a lot of pros to renting a party bus for your special occasion. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Safety: A party bus is a safe place to be with other people. You don’t have to worry about drinking and driving, you have that taken care of.
  • Arriving All Together: It can be stressful to get everyone together, but when you are in a party bus all of your friends will arrive together.
  • Entertainment: There are a lot of fun things that you can do on a party bus. There are epic sound systems, dance floors and fully stocked bars to kick off the night
  • Space: A party bus has plenty of room for everyone to sit and hang out. This is great when you need to relax or have a place to eat snacks and drinks.
  • Arrive in Style: If you want to arrive at your venue in style then a party bus makes a statement.  It adds class and gets all of you in a party mood before you even get there.


There are cons to renting a party bus that you need to be aware of before you book.

  • Expense: Renting a party bus isn’t cheap. You need to consider how much you will have to pay. You can find cheaper options if you are willing to sacrifice some of the extras. Not only can the price be high, but if the whole group isn’t willing to chip in then one night can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Hidden Fees: Many companies that provide party buses add on fees that you aren’t told about until the end of the booking process. These fees often cost extra to cover things like tolls, fuel, and parking costs.
  • It Looks Nothing Like the Pics Online: When you look at online pictures of party buses it doesn’t quite match the reality of the experience. It looks so cool and fancy but when you book a party bus you find out it doesn’t live up to what it is supposed to be. This is called bait and switch and it happens in every industry but it is still disappointing when it happens to you.

Overall, a party bus is an amazing way to celebrate an occasion. It provides the safety and fun of a limo with the space and luxury of a party bus. The benefits of renting a party bus make it an ideal option for special occasions.

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Arrive at the Game in Style

Arrive at the Game in Style

When you’re looking for something new to try out, why not consider getting an event bus? You’ll be amazed by the style, technology, safety, and amenities offered by our fleet of event buses. There are plenty of options for a  party bus when you want to entertain on the way to your next football game, so choose the option that best fits you. You could use an unofficial NFL Party Bus if you’d like, or perhaps a more intimate experience is available in one of our luxury Hummer Party Buses.

Get to the Game On Time

If you’re heading to the stadium early or want to make sure everyone gets there on time, consider taking an event bus to the game instead of driving yourself. We have an excellent driver who can provide a safe, reliable ride for your group of friends or family members. Plus, you can count on us to arrive on time!

The Best Tailgate Party

Tailgate parties are a staple of football games all over the country but wouldn’t you rather be more comfortable on a party bus than freezing outside the stadium. We’ve got plenty of room for your favorite beverage and food. Just don’t bring anything that needs to be refrigerated. You’ll get in and out with ease and can enjoy the party without worrying about the cold.

A Safe Ride

You’ll feel safer knowing that our buses are fully insured and licensed by the city of New York. Our drivers are trained and highly experienced, and they have many years of experience behind them. They’ll keep you entertained throughout the game and offer their own commentary on the action.

A Ton of Amenities

Our limousines and party buses offer a wide range of amenities but the most important for this occasion is the big screen TV that you can use to watch the game. You’ll also find plenty of seating options so everyone can enjoy the game and the experience. Whether you’re hosting a team reunion or just going to the game to support the home team, we’ve got the perfect option for you.

The best party bus in NYC is a great way to have fun and enjoy the experience without worrying about driving or about getting to the game on time. We guarantee that our drivers will take care of you while you get to the game and enjoy the festivities.

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What’s the Difference Between a Party Bus, Limo Bus, and Charter Bus?

What’s the Difference Between a Party Bus, Limo Bus, and Charter Bus?

Many people who plan for transportation for a wedding or a party have had the thought of hiring a charter bus, limo bus, or a party bus but had no idea which was the right choice. While there are many types of different vehicles to choose from, they all have different advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the main differences you will see are the size of the vehicle, the type of seating the vehicle has, the number of people it can hold, and the amenities that are available. Before you rent a party bus, limousine bus, or charter bus, it is important to understand the differences between them, and what type of bus has what amenities.  Here is a visual of the differences between them.

What is a Party Bus?

Unlike limo buses or charter buses, party buses are often used by young adults on weekends or nights out. They are usually not as big as limo buses or charter buses, so they are ideal for smaller crowds. Party buses are just as they are named, buses in which you can party on.  Ideal for a bachelor party, birthday party or any occasion that involves lots of drinking and dancing.  They can be used to get from club to club or you can party on the bus itself.  They have loads of amenities from gaming systems to stripper poles, the sky really is the limit.

What is a Limo Bus?

A limo bus is a bit more similar to a charter bus than a party bus. Most people use this type of vehicle when they need to transport large groups, such as wedding guests or bridesmaids.  They are also used for corporate events or even special occasions like graduations.  The size of the vehicle is a bit bigger than a party bus, so you can fit more people inside.  The seating options include bench seats, individual seating, or leather seating.

What is a Charter Bus?

Charter buses are usually the most popular and most expensive type of transportation you can rent for a special occasion, wedding, or event.  They are generally booked months in advance and are reserved exclusively for your group.  The bus is usually equipped with many amenities to make your event run smoothly.  The seating options vary depending on the size of the bus. You may get the option to choose individual seats, bench seating, or even leather seating.

Each option serves a different purpose, choose the right transportation based on your needs.

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